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                       WADIH FARES, P. ENG., FEC., D.COMM.
                       HONORARY CONSUL OF LEBANON

          Brothers and sisters of Saint Antonios Parish,

          Today we come together to showcase the beauty of our home
          country Lebanon through culture, arts and more importantly,
                                                              Wadih Fares, P. Eng.
          growth, progress, understanding and deep faith.
                                                              Honorary Consul
                                                              of Lebanon
          It is always a pleasure and privilege to witness the continued success
          of our community , the involvement and excitement of our youth
          and the passion in displaying our traditions.

          We are proud and thankful for all the good things happening in our
          community, and it is all due to your hard work and commitment to
          rise and grow as faithful rooted Lebanese and grateful Canadians.

          Keep up the good work!
          God Bless you -

          My sincere congratulations and best wishes for a successful

                          Long live Canada!

          Wadih Fares,C.M., P. Eng., FEC., D.Comm.
          Honorary Consul of Lebanon

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